Upcoming Easter Break

Students have mixed emotions about this weekend for Easter break.

Some students like Easter break and spending time with their family at Easter events.

“I am excited for Easter break because I love watching my younger siblings and cousins have a Easter egg hunt,” said Kayleigh Harmon, freshman.

“I like Easter break because I get a five-day weekend from school,” said Ashley White, freshman.

Students most of the time have a sleep schedule to stay on track for the school week. During holiday weekends or breaks, they sometimes get off track and sleep beyond their schedule.

“Sometimes I stay on my school sleep schedule, and sometimes I do not. It allĀ  depends on where I go for the holiday, and how late I get home or how long it takes to do an activity,” said White.

“On any of my holiday weekends or breaks, I always sleep in because it gives my body a break from having to get up so early,” said Jonathan Harris, sophomore.

Almost all students eat candy on Easter.

“I mostly eat chocolate on Easter,” said White. ” I eat a big ole chocolate bunny on Easter Sunday,” said Harmon.

Some students eat different foods on holidays and some just eat the same as usual.

“My family and I make our famous deviled eggs on Easter,” said Harmon.

“I eat my favorite food as usual everyday, which is ramen noodles,” said Harris.