Proud to Be an American?

Chatham High School students and faculty weigh in on the controversial kneeling during the national anthem  and describe what the American flag and citizenship mean to them.

“The flag to me means respect for the people who died for our country,”  Parker Martin, senior, said.

Sergeant Eddie Perdue said. ” The flag to me means everything: our freedom, unity; it represents all the veterans who died for our freedom.”

“The flag is a primary symbol of the countries freedom , shows the unity of people” said Colonel Charles Phillips.

Johnny Scearce, junior, said, ” The flag means America , under God, and freedom.”

“The flag means under God, and freedom,” said Thomas Rogers, junior.

Charity Wilson, freshman, said, “The flag means freedom and peace for our country.”

Kimberly Gomez, junior, said, “The flag represents freedom.”

Dylan Burnett, sophomore, said, “Our flag represents America’s freedom.”

“The flag means freedom and represents the strong and brave veterans who died for the rights we have today,” said Tony Whittle, senior.

“The flag stands for our freedom.” said Emily Porter, senior.

There has  been much conflict between opinions of the NFL football player actions kneeling at the football game during the National Anthem.

“Their actions were disrespectful; I truly believe that they did it because they see other people do it.” Said Parker Martin.

“Even though  it was wrong; they have the freedom to do so. I believe it was more from lack of knowledge, and if they knew what they were doing they wouldn’t have probably done it.” Said Sgt. Perdue.

“I think the they were misguided; they did it to draw attention to something that is a issue, but instead targeted something that means unity, and they shouldn’t have,” said Col. Phillips.

“The football players doing what they did by  kneeling during that moment was truly and without a doubt disrespect.” Johnny Scearce said.

“Their  actions were stupid, and if they don’t like it, they can get out of America,” said Thomas Rogers.

“It’s a free country; they can do what they want,” said Tony Whittle.

“It’s disrespectful and wrong,” said Emily Porter.

“Instead of kneeling, they should have been standing and doing as they were told,” said John Jennings, senior.

Like the country overall, CHS students have varying opinions on their citizenship.

“We have different freedoms from other countries ; that is what makes me a proud American,” said  Parker Martin.

“The country makes me a proud American; we are not perfect, but we’re growing,’ said Sgt. Perdue.

“There is a lot of things our nation does that we should be proud of ,” said Col.  Phillips.

“I am proud to be an American; I am able to work and gain what I earned,” said Johnny Scearce.

“I can wake up feeling safe; that’s why I am a proud American , God Bless America,” said Thomas Rogers.

” I am a proud American; I am truly blessed,” said Dylan Burnett.

” I’m all about that red, white, and blue,” said John Jennings.

Other students are not happy to be Americans.  “I’m not a proud American because of Trump’s new laws,” said Kimberly Gomez, junior.

” I don’t like our new president , so I am not a proud American,” said Charity Wilson, freshman.

” I am not a proud American , I live in a white man’s world,” said Tony Whittle.