Senior Spotlight: What’s next for Tommari Lee…

An honor student by day and a point guard by night, Senior Tommari Lee has a promising future ahead of her after graduating next spring.

Lee’s five year plan consists of attending Elon or Howard University  unless another university offers her the option to play basketball. She wants to study pre-med biology, and she hopes to continue her education through medical school.

Tommari has already completed programs such as  Emergency Medical Technician and Certified Nursing Assistant. She’s also taking AP Biology this year to get a head start on her studies.

Lee says she’ll miss ” the innocence of being able to be young” most of all when she leaves CHS. Her favorite class was Pre-Cal with Mrs. Cheryl Waller who is now a teacher at Dan River High School.

She doesn’t plan on staying in the area, and she only wants to keep in contact with two high school friends after graduation.

Her advice for underclassmen is “remain focused and nobody is worth messing up your education, because at the end of the day it only affects you.”