Fall Fashion for Guys

Fashion is not just for girls.

Guys think fashion is important so that can use fashion to impress females.

Jake Barker, junior said, “Good colors for fall fashion are usually dark colors.” Jake says he likes to wear sweat pants during fall instead of jeans. He said, ” I’m not a fashion person, but I like fall clothes.” Jake says he wears thin jackets during fall, and that he wears the same hair style year round.

Nick Roher, sophomore, said, “Brown Cowboy boots are fashionable for fall.” Nick considers a plaid button up shirt to be a good shirt for fall. “My favorite fall colors to wear are reds, browns, and tan. I wear jeans and khakis during fall. Nick also wears sweat shirts and zip-up jackets and has a mid-cut hair style during fall.

Corey Reynolds, junior,  said, “Dark beige Timberlands are great to wear during fall.” He considers an unbuttoned plaid shirt and blue jeans to be great fashion in the fall. “My favorite colors to wear in the fall are orange, reds, and purples. I don’t like fall fashion; I like winter fashion.” “I wear leather jackets, jean jackets, oversized zip-ups, and hoodies to stay warm.” Corey’s hair style is the same all year round; he likes it long on the top and buzzed on the sides and the back.

Danielle Snead, sophomore, also weighed in on guy fall fashion. “I like long-sleeved plaid shirts and any type of shoe if it’s brown for fall. My favorite fall colors that guys wear are reds and browns. I like when guys wear blue jeans and khakis. She said, ” I like guys’ fall fashion. I like guys who wear their hair long on the top and buzzed on the back and sides.”

Quintin Witherspoon, senior, says his ideal shoes to wear are Timbs. Quintin said, ” I wear Levi shirts and pants. My favorite color to wear in the fall is green.” He likes to wear fur jackets in the fall. The hairstyle Quintin wears is called a fade.

Joseph Davis, junior, said, “I wear Timbs, Carhart, and Jordans.” Joseph likes to wear jeans in the fall. He said, ” Some colors I wear are are oranges, reds, greens, and browns.” Joseph wears hoodies and orange shirts for fall.

Joseph and Quintin both said they like fall fashion.

Nathan Reynolds, sophomore, said, “I wear any sort of Ariat leather boots.” He considers a Heybo shirt, short-sleeved or long-sleeved, to be fashionable. Nathan said, “Blues, black, and camouflage are the colors I like to wear.” He likes to wear Under Armour Hoodies when it gets cold. Nathan said, “I wear either jeans or joggers.” Nathan likes all seasons’ fashion.