Class of 2022 College Decisions

Seniors have made their final college decisions.

Senior Ameia Harris will attend Hampton University. “I chose this college because it is a Historic Black College and University that gives you insight on legacies left behind by black people; It’s also the top three HBCU for the best med program,” said Ameia Harris. “When I first visited the college, I fell in love with the school and knew that it was for me,” said Harris. She will major in biology to pursue a career in medicine. “Helping people gives me the satisfaction to know that I can make someone else’s day feel better. Majoring in biology would help me to obtain the necessary knowledge to become a doctor,” said Harris.

Senior Chancelor Long decided to attend Virginia State University. “I chose this college because it’s an HBCU, and I got a scholarship to play football,” said Long. He chose to major in Health and physical education and a minor in sports management. “I chose to major in this because it was the only thing I was interested in,” said Long.

Senior Taylynn Fitzgerald chose to attend Old Dominion University. “I chose to commit here because of the great business program and also the good diverse and amazing community,”  said Fitzgerald. “I was torn at first giving up the opportunity of going to an HBCU, but when I visited the campus, I instantly fell in love and felt that’s where I belonged,” said Fitzgerald. She will major in business marketing and attend school for four years to obtain a bachelor’s degree.”I chose this major because not only did I want to take some path into business but also a path in design,” said Fitzgerald.