The Powderpuff Girls

The Chatham High School Diezels make their sign for the Powderpuff game.

The Diezels won over the GOATs at the Powderpuff game 14 to 13 at Chatham High School.

GOATs stands for  Greatest of All Time.

The game kept the audience on the edge of their seats.  The GOATS, comprised of freshmen and sophomores– got the lead early on. The Diezels, junior and seniors, caught up with them and surged a  point ahead of the GOATS to in the game.

“I have played (Powderpuff) for the GOATs two years so far, and I absolutely think it has been worth playing! Both years I have played have been a great experience, and I hope I can continue to play in the years to come,” Alyssa McDaniel said.

“Not only does Powderpuff bring people closer together,” Emily Towler, of the Diezel team said, “but it also gives to those who need. Being able to participate in a charitable act and also being surrounded by close friends is the most enjoyable part to me,” Emily Towler said. “Not only do I get to be surrounded by my close friends, but I also get to make friends in the process. It gives to those who are in need.”

Powderpuff games are fun and actually contribute to society. Powerpuff games have been a part of many school’s traditions. According to, the very first well-documented Powderpuff football game was played on October 20, 1945, at Eastern State Teachers College in Madison, South Dakota. The main purpose of Powderpuff in 1945 was during the World War II , many young men were drafted, but the schools wanted a homecoming game, so girls began to play.

Canned goods were required as part of admission to the game along with a $2 fee. Six hundred cans were collected and given to Pittsylvania County Social Services.

Powderpuff brings everyone together and it is fun for everyone to watch. It is also a charitable act, which makes it even more worth it to watch and play. If you are interested in playing next year, remember to join Interact Club.