We’ve Got Spirit, but Will You?

CHS Spirit Week is Oct. 16-20; it culminates in a Pep Rally on Friday the day of the homecoming football game against Cumberland High School on Fri., Oct. 20, 7 PM.

Students dress up during Spirit Week according to plans made by the cheerleaders. Spirit Week builds and promotes school spirit.

Spirit Week dress-up days are ‘Merica Monday (a day to dress up to show pride for your country the U S of A),; TV Tuesday (the day people really push the limit of the dress code by dressing as a character from a TV show or movie); On Wednesdays We Wear Pink day (everyone is encouraged to wear pink that day);  Tailgate Thursday (wear something for your favorite team), and Red, Black, and White Friday (wear CHS school colors).

Two juniors, Brandy Callahan and Steven Goard, liked the Spirit Week choices. Steven said, “Spirit Week is a good way to liven up a school environment.”

Steven said, ” ‘Merica Monday is the best.”  Brandy was most excited for TV Tuesday because she and her friends plan to dress as characters from the popular show Riverdale.

Both agreed that their least favorite was Tailgate Thursday, and if they had the choice they would change that day to Pajama Day, a day everyone seemed to be looking forward to and were disappointed to no longer have.

Junior Elizabeth Durham and Senior Angela Dillard had differing opinions on which was the best day.

Elizabeth thought Sprit Day was the best choice. She was also rather excited for the pep rally. She said, “The plan is that the cheerleaders would  dance, cheer, and get everybody hyped up while having a good time. The point is for students to have fun and show school spirit.”

Angela, CHS cheer captain, said, “I chose the days [for Spirit Week] myself.  I think that Pajama Day is stupid so I left it off.”  There was no vote or debate, she just selected the days. “I’m very excited about the days I chose.”

“I was very disappointed in not having Pajama Day,” said Mrs. Janet Bishop, English teacher. “I look forward to it every year, and I was sad that it was not included as a day. The rest of the days do seem fun though.”

Brittany Thomas, senior, is disappointed about no pajama day, she said, “This is my last year, I’m sad I can’t wear pajamas to school.”

“I am most excited about ‘Merica Monday,” said Angela. “The point is for everyone to have fun.”

So, the question remains. Will YOU be showing your school spirit next week?