Pardon My French

Some of Chatham High School’s teachers’  love of foreign languages has allowed them to travel comfortably all over the world.

Our foreign language teachers agree on the importance of using numerous languages every day.

Mr. Michael Brown, French and Spanish teacher,  said, ” The importance of foreign language to others depends on someone’s field of work. Some students end up using it when they never thought they would. I do believe it should be required for advanced diplomas like it is now.”

Mrs. Sheri Williams, French teacher, said, ” It is very important. There are people who base their jobs on speaking other languages. There are people who make new friends because they speak other languages. And there are people who simply enjoy reading and speaking another language because it brings them joy. Fortunately for me, all three of those are true for me. It brings me great joy to know other languages.”

Ms. Ilaria Carannate, Spanish teacher, said, “Knowledge of foreign language is extremely important. Not only does it allow us to communicate with others, but it also encourages us to learn about diverse cultures. Furthermore, learning a foreign language helps us to better understand our own [culture] and promotes critical thinking.”

Mr. Brown said, “Besides English, I know Spanish, German, some Catalan (the language of Catalonia, a region in Spain).” He also said, “I used these languages while traveling  in Germany,  Spain,  France,  Canada,  and Belgium.”

Mrs. Williams said, ” I was able to go to another country and get around by myself. Being from a small town, that gave me great confidence and great satisfaction. I have traveled to France, England, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Madagascar, Seychelles, Venezuela, Mexico, and Canada. I am fluent in three languages, French, Pennsylvania Dutch, English but have studied some Italian.”

Ms. Carannate, said, ” It has helped me help others in emergency situations and has also helped me to be more competitive in the job market. Once, a banking company gave me a job on the spot just for knowing different languages.”

Mr. Brown said,  “About once a month, I encounter someone who does not speak English. ”

Mrs. Williams said, ” I encounter people quite frequently who do not speak English”

Ms. Carannate said, ” It is quite often that I encounter someone who does not speak English, not just my own family, but Hispanics in town. I speak English, Italian, and Spanish; I comprehend written and spoken French, but I can’t speak it.