Concord United Methodist Church, 2880 Concord Road, Chatham,  stew and bake sale is set for Sat., Oct. 21 at 11:00 AM.

The cost for stew is five dollars a quart. The bake sale has homemade pies, cookies, and cakes. For those people who do not pre-order, there will be extra stew as long as it lasts.

Helen Shelton, chairman of  the bake sale, said, “Whatever is sold is profit. All the goods are donated by the women of the church. The money is used for any repairs at the church.”

“In order to make the process swift and efficient, we all form an assembly line along the table to package it, and most of the stew is pre-ordered,” says Henry Shelton, one of the stew stirrers.

“A lot of hard work goes into this stew. On Friday we go down to the church and peel potatoes and onions for hours, and on Saturday, the men get up at 6:00 AM to start the stew,” Mrs. Shelton said.

“The stew master is the main man on the stew truck; he is responsible for the specific ingredients for the stew, and the measurements: how much beef,”  Mr. Shelton said. “The stew master tells what to put in the stew, what type of seasonings, and when it’s done.”

“The stirrers have a very important job; they have shifts for when to stir, and when one gets tired another steps in. If they miss a shift, the whole pot of stew will be ruined,” said Mrs. Shelton.

If you’re hungry for stew or baked goodies, head over to Concord United Methodist Church Saturday.