Oh, Boy (Scouts)!


The Boy Scouts of America recently announced that girls will be allowed to join and rise through the ranks.

Young girls will be allowed to become  Cub Scouts and earn their merit badges starting in 2018.

The response to this decision has been predominately negative for CHS students.

Damion Withrow, junior, said, “It’s called Boy Scouts for a reason. Maybe the question is how to get the Girl Scouts not to stink.”

Natalie Spears, senior,  also had similar opinions. She said, “I think it’s stupid because we have Girl Scouts already. If you don’t think they’re doing enough, take it up with them.”

Mrs. Melissa Motley said, “I think it diminishes what females can do on their own.”

Ms. Jo Davis said, “I think it’s stupid.” She said she thoroughly enjoyed Girl Scouts and how it wasn’t competitive. With this integration, she thinks there will be competition between boys and girls.

Cheyanne Rockwell, junior, said, “Boys and girls learn differently, that’s why they’re separate.”

Sydney Quesenberry, senior, said, “I’m not a fan of Boy Scouts personally, but I think it’s great for the girls that wanna join.”

Destanee Estes, senior, said, “I think it’s good because Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts offer different programs and awards so they can compete for these things.”

According to CNN, some people think this is just a business move. The Boy Scouts have seen a major decline in recruitment in the last ten years and many people see this as a way to up their numbers.