Literature’s Impact on Culture

Literature has a huge impact on culture all around the world.

Whether it be poetry, books, song lyrics, or plays, literature is extremely important. It builds up one’s critical thinking, and it also helps a person to become more open-minded about other cultures and beliefs.

Literature allows a reader to time travel, gather all the information they need and it even allows someone to travel from place to place without the pricey cost of a plane ticket.

According to, literature addresses humanity and the conditions which affect everyone nationwide.

French teacher Mrs. Sheri Williams stated that Victor Hugo had a huge impact on French culture. One of his most famous works, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, critiqued French culture because everyone treated the main character differently from everyone else because of his appearance. In France, people were typically very self conscious about how they looked and how others looked.

“The majority of people in France are extremely intellectual,” Mrs. Williams said, “Everyone likes to talk about different cultures, people, and various pieces of literature. French literature has helped France to become very open-minded.”

“The literature of a country is very important. If you read about a different culture from someone else’s viewpoint, you can learn about it and everything else without traveling. I believe that literature is a good way to make time stop and allow others understand other people’s views.”

Ky Withrow, Chatham High School senior, says that It by Stephen King is her favorite novel. “It is very descriptive and interesting. It has a lot of details that really provoke the mind. It is a very well known book that allows people who have read it or watched the movie to bond in conversation about it. I think literature makes people think and learn, no matter what type of literature it is.”

” The past is always important and literature is no exception. Each piece of literature tells us a story and also goes back into the past which can help us decide what is wrong and what is right because of our past choices.”

Robert Charles Spears, father of Chatham High School senior Natalie Spears, is a former Marine and has traveled to a lot of places overseas. He enjoys reading and believes that literature is extremely important everywhere.

“Literature was always important because I grew up as an only child and sometimes all I had was books to read to keep me occupied. Although I do not have any time to read anything fun anymore, I went back to school and graduated with my associates, so now I read a lot to reinforce what I learned previously,” said Spears.

“I think everyone should read. There is a lot of history you can find in a book rather than movie, video game, or TV Show. Not only that, it allows one to build their critical thinking skills,” he said.

“Literature impacted the cultures that I visited overseas. Literature can be found in all cultures across the globe, even in those countries that are poor and cannot afford much. These different countries learned culture from other countries and their past cultures. Literature has always been used for countries to pass down previously learned knowledge,” Spears said.