How to Break up with Your Significant Other

As the song by Paul Simon goes, “There Are 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.” Chatham High School students have used some of them. How would you break up with your significant other?

Taylor Dodd, junior, said,” If I were to break up with my boyfriend, I would tell him bye and block him.”

Rhamir Coles, junior, said,”If I were to break up with my girlfriend, I would text her a long paragraph and at the end of the paragraph, I would let her know that I am breaking up with her.”

Makayla Fitzgerald, freshman, said,”I would have my best friend tell him that we are done.”

Nick Williams, sophomore, said, “I would just cheat on them, and have them break up with me.”

Minnie White, junior, said,” I would just tell them how I feel and get them to reason with me on why we need to take a break.”

Micheal Touchstone, sophomore,said,”I would just push them to the curve, saying ‘I don’t want you.'”

Hunter Furr, junior, said, ” I would just tell her I am done, I can’t deal with your crap anymore.”

Angela Dillard, senior, said, “Say it to them straight up, ‘I am done.'”

Amber Longerbeam, senior, said, ” I would just tell them I am not feeling it anymore.”

Kennedy Jones, sophomore, said, “I would tell them we are done, and leave them.”

Eriana Carter, freshman, said,”I would just tell them straight up that I can’t do it anymore.”

Taylor Bowen, sophomore,said,”I would just tell them it isn’t working out.”

Some CHS students would use social media to end their relationships. 

Taylor Dodd, junior, said “Yes, it is easier for both people in the relationship if you [break up] over social media.”

Kennedy Jones, sophomore, said, “Yes, my boyfriend could have done something on social media that led me up to break up with him on social media.”

Michah Robertson, freshman, said,”Yes, if they are talking trash on social media.”

Nick Williams, sophomore, said,”It depends on how serious the relationship is.”

Makayla Fitzgerald, freshman, said,” Yes, I would do it on Snapchat, so that I don’t have to talk to them in person.”

Other CHS students think it’s rude to break up via text or social media.

Micheal Touchstone, sophomore, said,”No, It’s not upfront, and if it is not upfront it makes you look weak.”

Hunter Furr, junior, said,” No, if you are hiding behind a phone, you will  not know her reaction.”

Taylor Bowen, sophomore, said,”No, it’s really wrong [to break up via text], especially if you have been with them for a while; they deserve a face to face.”

Eriana Carter, freshman, disagreed and said,” No, you should do it over a text message.”

Daniel Hendrick, freshman, said,” No, if they are in a certain place they might cry.”

Rhamir Coles, junior, said, “No, it is childish, and we should be grown about it and tell them upfront.”

Minnie White, junior, said,”No, it is embarrassing to be broken up with on social media.”

Angela Dillard, senior, said,”No, you’re basically saying that you don’t care if you do it over social media.”

Amber Longerbeam, senior,said,” No, it is immature if you break up with someone over social media.”

Some CHS students planned the biggest breakup ever for fun:

Angela Dillard, senior, said” I would announce our breakup in front of his family.”

Amber Longerbeam, senior,said,”I would go to the football game and announce our breakup on the field.”

Minnie White, junior, said, “I would get my brother to beat him up and announce the breakup.”

Rhamir Coles, junior, said,” I would take her on a date. We would go to a fancy restaurants with a lot of people there. After we are done eating, make sure it is a $200 check, then stand up and tell her that the relationship is over; and she is going to pay for the bill.”

Micah Robertson, freshman, said,” I would go to the cafeteria, stand on the table, and take her by the hand and look her dead in her face and tell her I am done.”

Nick William, sophomore, said” I would announce our breakup on the Internet, and wear a t-shirt with our breakup date on it.”

Eriana Carter, freshman, said, “I would have a airplane write in the air that we are done.”

Makayla Fitzgerald, freshman, said,” I would send them a cake with a message saying ‘We Are Done’.”

Daniel Hendrick, freshman, said,” I would make a big commotion in the hallway, and say I am breaking up with you.”

Mike Touchstone, sophomore, said, “I would breakup with her in Chic-fil-a in front of everyone .”

Taylor Dodd, junior, said,”I would write on his car windshield, we are done.”