Sell Stuff for a New School Sign!

The Chatham High School fundraiser is in full swing.

All CHS students are asked to sell cookie dough and other assorted treats. Funds will purchase a new electronic sign in front of the school.

Each student got a sales packet. The packets include an order form, an order sheet, and the sales incentives. There are various amounts of foods to choose from: an assortment of cookies, gluten free popcorn, Cinnabon, pretzels, ice cream desserts, and French bread pizzas.

CHS assistant principal, Mr. Jason Reese will completely shave his head if we raise $15,000; assistant principal Mrs. Jessica Dalton and special education teacher Mr. Chase Hall will play “Egg Roulette” if $7,500 is raised; Mr. Foster will be suspended by duct tape to the wall if $10,000, and if the $20,000 goal is met, students will be allowed to throw dodge balls at him for 30 seconds.

Money collected by students is given to the homeroom teacher daily.

The money the students receive from an order should be placed in the fundraising collection envelope. Customers should pay by cash or a check made out to CHS.

The fundraiser will end Tues., Nov. 20.