Soccer Scrimmage

The boys varsity soccer team competed against Randolph-Henry High School last night at home to start the season.

“The score was 5-1 and the team played very well,” said Adam Tate, assistant coach.

“I didn’t like how we played, and I thought we could have done better,” Sam Wiebking stated. “The coach took me out and the team scored on the side I was defending right when I got taken out,” Wiebking said.

“I thought we did pretty well, and we had very good effort,”  said Canaan Sloane.

” I knew I played very well; I had an assist and made a goal,” Sloane stated.

” In my opinion, as a team, we could’ve played a lot better and upped the score. I also have a feeling that we have a very good chance to make it to the states,” Sloane said.