Varsity Softball Game Against Tunstall

Cora Liggon strikes out her opponent.

Cavs Varsity Softball won over Tunstall 7-6.

Bralynn Patterson hit a pair of RBIs on two hits and also made a lot of great catches in center field.

Cora Liggon hit the ball and moved Kayleigh Harmon to third. Liggon took second. Nicole Emerson was walked. Patterson struck out, and Heidi Tosh hit an inside pitch and pulled it to the left field fence to bring in three runners.

The crowd loved it.

“When I got up to hit the bottom of the 9th inning score was 4-6 with 2 outs and the bases were loaded. I hit the ball that bounced off the fence and scored all three runs,” said Tosh.

“Heidi stepping up to bat and hitting a ball to win the game was the best part of the whole game,” said Harmon.

“We are happy with this win, but we still have room for improvement,” said Liggon.

“We  need to continue communicating better and just trust ourselves more,” said  Patterson.

“Getting better at our plays would help us a lot,” said Harmon.

There were many different emotions during the whole game even down to the last second.

“I was a little nervous when I went up to bat because the pressure was on me. It was my first game back since being out all last season due to a knee injury,” said Tosh.

“I was very excited especially since we have a lot of beef with Tunstall,” said Patterson.