Graduating Seniors: The Final Countdown

The countdown has begun for seniors with only two months left to go before graduation. 

The class of 2023 has worked to achieve the things they have set out for themselves since they were in elementary school.

“My goal as a senior was to pass all my classes with the highest grades I could get,” said Jaliyah Word, senior.

“Graduating high school is my goal as a senior, because I’m less motivated to do my work now that it’s closer to graduation,” said Ladarius Wilson, senior.

Students recalled some of their fond memories throughout high school.

“The most exciting thing for me in high school was meeting new people and making new friends,” said Juelz Williams, senior.

“Senior Night. That was the best night of my football career since I started playing,” said Ethan Riley, senior.

Although students did have good memories, some would agree that the expectations of being a senior were extremely high.

“The hardest thing about being a senior was that people think we’re supposed to set an example for the lower classmen,” said Wilson

“The pressure of having to always be the example for others made it harder to be myself,” said Williams.

Seniors have big goals for their future after high school.

“I think ten years in the future I’ll be coaching football somewhere” said Riley.

“I plan on becoming a registered nurse or something along the lines in the future,” said Word.

High school has been a tremendous experience for the graduating seniors.