Arrest for Arson at Woodberry Elementary School

Arrest for Arson at Woodberry Elementary School

A 20-year-old Danville man was arrested by police after catching a local elementary school on fire.

David Avery Myers was taken into custody Saturday.

Myers allegedly started the fire outside of Woodberry Elementary School around 12 a.m. Piney Forest Fire and Rescue arrived four minutes after getting the dispatch. It caused $120,000 of damage and rendered the kitchen unusable.

Meyer also lit a stump on fire outside the school; this caught the loading dock on fire leading to the kitchen. No further damage was done to the school due to the quick response of Piney Forest Fire Department.

No one was hurt and Meyer complied peacefully with the police. Details as to materials used to start the fire have not been released yet.

“It’s sad that someone would attempt to destroy a place of learning,” said Samantha Woods,  senior.

“I get the frustration needed to be taken out but not on a school. Thankfully there was no one in there,” Payton Anderson, a senior.

No motivation was given by authorities.