School Social Media Threat

A teenager posted a picture on April 6th on social media stating that he was going to shoot up CHS.

The media post stated,”F*** CHS I’m going out with a bang. don’t go to school tmrw. dont go to school tmrw if you can (sic).” The image included a teen holding a firearm.

Ultimately, it was determined that the image was a fake one first circulated in 2018.

The school being on a soft lockdown, and Principal Jason Reece had alerted the resource officer, Officer Crews, and the sheriff’s office including Pittsylvania County Sheriff Mike Taylor.

Once the threat came known to parents, many students were checked out of their classroom due to safety concerns of loved ones.

The front office was packed full of students and parents trying to leave the building.

“I was really scared when I heard about it.” said sophomore Ashley White. “I immediately called my momma so I could try and leave.”

“It didn’t really affect me as much as others,” said sophomore Lane Burke. “After Mr. Reece said that everything was fine I just went on my normal day.”

“Honestly, it really scared me,” said sophomore Katie Moore. “It was taken care of, but that doesn’t make me feel that much better about it.”

“Maybe if we had better precautions then I would’ve felt better,” said freshmen Katlynn Mcghee. “I felt as though even when they said the post was from years ago that doesn’t mean it couldn’t have still happened.

During that day, there were over 270 students who checked out, with many more students leaving the school without going to the office.

Reece came on the intercom later that morning and said that the police department discovered that the image was a fake.