Artificial Intelligence on the Rise

Since 2020, Artificial Intelligence or AI,  has been on the rise and rapidly growing.

Last week,  AI created a song using Drake’s voice that was nearly impossible to know it wasn’t actually him.

This proves many problems and upsides to the use of ai with possibly mimicking and impersonating people. The criminal applications of the mimicking of voices and the loss of money for music artist with songs mimicking their voices that their fans may drift to and listen to them.

As of right now, there are no laws against this, and it is already hurting artists like Drake.

There are also many upsides to AI. Artificial Intelligence is used to research cancer, and medical research has seen growth in treatment options.

“It’s scary to think of the effects that could happen if something went wrong with one of the AI,” said Samantha Woods, senior.

AI has also caused problems in school; there is a app called chatGPN. It answers any questions with extreme accuracy.

If  a student asks AI it does; the results are often good enough to fool any teacher. So far the only response colleges have had is to block the website or if you retype the essay in and ask if chatGPN wrote it it will tell you yes or no.

“The ability that AI has is endless but also scary,” said senior Payton Anderson.

AI has been used in wars as well, with rocket tracking systems and many of the automatic weapons using them for receiving orders and executing them.