Cotton at Riverside Mill

The new restaurant in Danville called Cotton has enjoyed an overwhelmingly positive response from the public.

Micheal K., Dry Fork, said, “It is an awesome place, with a great atmosphere, and a great location. The food is outstanding, and I will be back soon.”

Tony A., Danville,said, “This is my second visit; the food is great, and the drinks are excellent. A great addition to Danville.”

Pat E., Danville, said, ” Cotton is beautiful and elegant.” “The friendly service made it a nice experience.”

Josh L., Danville, said, ” The atmosphere is fantastic, with some very nice tributes to Dan River Fabrics.”

Robin J., Danville, said, ” Cotton is a beautiful restaurant, with a fantastic deck overlooking the Dan River. The appetizers, salads, and pizzas are delicious. They give you generous portions at a reasonable price.”

Charity H., Danville, said, “Cotton has a beautiful atmosphere with urban chic. The food is creative, outstanding, and delicious. The serving sizes are huge for the price that is affordable.”

Debbie Fuller, Chatham, said, “The restaurant was delicious and very affordable. The grilled cheese and fries were so good.”

J’Maya Cook, former CHS student, said, “The rotisserie chicken was delicious. The steamed vegetables and fries were served in generous portions. We did not leave hungry.”