End of School Thoughts

Students are excited about the end of this school year.

“I am really excited that I don’t have to wake up really early anymore,” said sophomore Lily Scarce.

“I am so happy, because I get to relax and go on vacation,” said sophomore Carmen Royal, “We have a trip planned to go to Florida.

“I am really going to enjoy spending more time with my friends,” said freshman Faith Hyler, “My family is going to Myrtle Beach the week after school is out.”

Even though most students are happy to get out of school, there are still some that are going to miss it.

“I am happy to get a break from school, but I am going to miss my teachers and friends,” said junior Teojae Brandon.

“My dad doesn’t let me go out much, and school is the only way to get out and have fun,” said sophomore Kayle Santiago, “I enjoy seeing the people I love on a daily basis.”

“I am going to miss school, but I am excited to have a stress free summer,” said freshman Summer Isley.