I’ve Been a-Salted Caramel Pepsi (review)

Pepsi has released a new flavor of drink for the upcoming Christmas season; a special flavor that people have loved for decades: salted caramel.

The drink will be sold for a limited time until the end of the Christmas season.

I purchased a bottle of this holly jolly cola at my local Dollar General because it piqued my curiosity. I refrigerated the drink a few hours before actually tasting it. I refused to drink a room temperature Pepsi that boasts about being salted.

Before I actually tasted it, I decided to give it a sniff to see what I’d be dealing with here. I opened the bottle, put my nose up to it, and immediately drew back in horror of the sodium explosion that went into my nostrils. However, I still had high hopes.

I couldn’t caramel less

I took a sip of the beverage, and it wasn’t that bad on the first taste. The salt taste was a little strong, but it wasn’t overbearing for the first sip. I tried it again.

The second taste was unbelievably salty. It overpowered all the other flavors, including caramel and Pepsi. It was so bad that I literally could not finish it, or even get halfway through it.

In short, this is one of the worst versions of a soda I’ve ever tasted. If you’re looking to skyrocket your blood pressure, I recommend this soda; however, if you’re looking for a good holiday soda, try a Vanilla Coca-Cola or a Mtn Dew Holiday Brew. I give this a 2/10 for being practically undrinkable.