Silver & Gold, Traditions of Old

Christmas traditions are key to celebrating for the holidays.

Each family has traditions unique to them.

“On Christmas morning, we have the German tradition of hiding a pickle ornament on the tree, while everyone else looks for it; whoever finds it gets an extra present.” Jake Barker, junior, said.

“We do Secret Santa at my house,” Brian Harrold, said. A gift is wrapped with no name provided. Names are drawn, and someone gets that gift.

“Every Christmas since I was young, my mother gave my sister and me a ceramic angel,” said Jo Davis, librarian. “We also have oyster stew for breakfast. The Grahams, as in Billy Graham, hav the same oyster stew tradition, by the way.” she said.

“Every Christmas Eve, I fix a dinner for my immediate family, which are my three sons and wives and two children,” said Beverly Matherly.

Many family Christmas traditions evolve over the years.

“We used to always go to my grandmother’s house on Christmas until she passed away,” Kimberly Bolling, home economics teacher, said. “Now we go to my mother and father’s, which is still in my grandmother’s home. We also have the tradition of going to the home of the eldest family member.”

“My favorite tradition is making Christmas candy like my mother used to: peanut butter balls, Almond Joys, truffles, and even candy cane cookies. The older I get, the harder it gets to do myself; so I am trying to get my grandkids to help and carry on the tradition,” said Helen Shelton, grandmother of Lauren King, junior, said.

“My all-time-favorite tradition on Christmas day is when my parents come down in the morning, and we cook everybody breakfast and open a few presents. Then we spend the whole day in our pajamas, and begin making dinner so it will be ready. The rest of the family floods in, also in their pajamas and we eat and laugh and open the rest of the presents,” Deborah King, Lauren King’s mother said.

Some students even have traditions before Christmas.

“On the Winter Solstice of every year on Dec. 21, my younger sister Chloe and I open at least one gift under the tree,” Hannah Martin, junior, said.

Some spend Christmas day with family and friends.

“My family spends Christmas day by opening presents, going to other relatives houses, and just spending the entire day with family.” Haley Hammock, senior, said.

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