Tips For Landing That Job

Job interviews can be stressful,  so how can you be prepared?

Get to know the company beforehand. Get a handle on what you’re dealing with. How formal should you be? Locate information on the Internet. Talk to people who work for the company; they can help you prepare as to how to dress and behave. Bring extras of your resume so that if something happens to one, you have more.

“Be relaxed and don’t be too formal,” Natalie Spears, senior, says. “Try to act interested when they talk about themselves, even if you’re not.”

Ms. Ruth Withrow, mother of Ky Withrow, says, “Speaking with other people in the field and knowing just what the job entails definitely helps. Know your field, know what the job description is, and know the company’s expectations. Eye contact and honesty are pretty important.”

Do mock interviews, but don’t write yourself a script. Plan ahead what you may say in response to a variety of questions.  Preparation helps reduce nervousness and awkward silences. Make sure you have an answer to “Tell me about yourself.” When the time comes, ask them questions about the job so they know you’re interested.

Be presentable when you go and take care of small things. It is the interviewer’s job to notice things about the person they’re interviewing. They will notice if your fingernails are dirty or if your clothes are wrinkled. Make sure you clean out your handbag or briefcase beforehand because digging through trash to find something makes you look disorganized. Have a reference list ready and get lots of sleep the night before.

Make sure that you have a grown-up email address. No “hotlips or bootylicious” in the stem.

Mrs. Melissa Motley says, “My most awkward interview experience has to be when I was asked if I can count change and I said, ‘I’m sure I can figure it out.’ I was an honors student!”

“My worst interview experience was definitely when I went in and the store manager was talking crap with me about the employees!” Ms. Withrow says.

When it comes to people going for their first interview, Mrs. Motley says, “Dress appropriately, look them in the eye, and speak confidently.”