Fast Food is Dangerous

Severe health problems can come from eating fast food.

According to, the top five reasons to not eat fast food is because of  nitrates, fat, sugar, salt, and the lack of vitamins.

Nitrates are mostly used in meats like cold cuts in order to preserve their appearance and freshness. The Waller Wellness article states that in the 1970’s, the USDA tried to ban nitrates. Organic Consumer’s Association’s  studies and others  show that nitrates possibly contribute to cancer.

Tons of processed foods contain tons of fat. Many fast foods contain saturated fat which can increase Low-Density Lipoproteins (LDL), or “bad” cholesterol.  High-Density Lipoproteins (HDL) cholesterol is considered to be the better kind of cholesterol. It is important to have a healthy amount of both kinds of cholesterol, but eating enough saturated fats will give you a higher increase of LDL, according to Health Line.

According to Waller Wellness, processed foods are very high in sugars and salts. The large amount of sugars is equivalent usually to high calories. The large amount of salt commonly found in fast foods is Image result for ugly cheeseburgerused to preserve foods, and it can increase blood pressure and  cause bloating.

Waller Wellness states that fast food lacks a lot of vitamins. In particular, they lack a large amount of Vitamins A and C which both are important to the human diet in order to stay healthy. The lack of these vitamins can make eyesight, anemia, have inflammation of the gums, small red or purple spots on the skin, joint pain, poor wound healing, and corkscrew hairs.

Live Strong says that because fast food is high in salt and cholesterol, it can lead up to heart problems and that the intake of salt has negative affects on blood pressure. Fast food also leads up to obesity because of the large amount of calories and fats. Since fast food contains a large amount of sugar, the unhealthy amount of intake in fast food could cause permanent negative affects on blood sugar levels, leading up to diabetes.

Daisy Tickle, a CHS senior says she considers fast food to be an extremely unhealthy habit, and it can be addicting.

“I eat fast food at least five days a week,” Tickle stated. “I wish I could stop, but it’s hard to quit a habit. Once you start eating it, it is extremely hard to stop.”

Holly Chaffee lives in Texas and is cousin of Natalie Spears. She cannot eat any gluten because she has Celiac disease and is lactose intolerant so she has to watch what she eats.

“I avoid fast food because I think it is terribly uImage result for healthy mealnhealthy,” Holly Chaffee stated. “I also believe that everyone should quit eating fast food. It is a terrible habit and I feel the same way about any processed foods. Some foods you would get from the grocery store are just as bad if not worse than food you get from fast foods. Processed foods are just as bad because of chemicals; fast food is also full of terrible chemicals.”

“The healthiest fast food restaurant to me would be Subway. It is generally fresh and you can watch them make it so you know what is going on it. I think that McDonald’s or Burger King are the unhealthiest because the amount of grease is atrocious,” Daisy Tickle said.

“I think that restaurants that do not offer healthier substitutes are the unhealthiest; however, the healthiest restaurant I know would be Zoe’s, which is a new place in Texas. It offers a lot of soups, salads, and different types of whole foods,” Chaffee stated.

Zoe’s is also in Virginia and North Carolina. Muscle Maker Grill, another healthy fast food alternative, has opened in Lynchburg.