This Christmas

Chatham High School students are excited and have many plans for making new Christmas memories; they are also nostalgic about previous Christmases.

Hannah Dawson, junior, said, ¨Christmas to me means the birth of Jesus. So because of this I will go spend His birthday with my family and friends. When I wake up on Christmas morning I hope to have a monogram pullover under the tree that would really make another Christmas special. But, one of my most special Christmas memories is when I stayed with my sister and played Santa for the night and gave presents to my nieces and nephew.¨

Samuel Hyler, junior, said, “Christmas to me is the day My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was born. Because of this special moment, my family will say a prayer on Christmas day and feast on chicken, mac ‘n cheese, and pork chops and so much more. One gift I would like to receive on Christmas is a $2,000 check; that would be a hilarious Christmas gift. One of my funniest Christmas memories is when my cousin got arrested for drugs that were not hers.¨

Amayah Gilliam, junior, said, “To me, Christmas is the birthday of baby Jesus. Because of the many blessings God has done for me I pray I will be alive to see another Christmas; that would be a wonderful gift. My plans for this Christmas year are  just have a good time with my family; that will make it a grateful year . One of my most grateful holiday memories is back in 2013 I met my little brother for the first time.¨

Minnie White, junior, said, ¨Christmas is the time of year that you have a moment to just sit around and enjoy family. My plans for this year are to eat, watch my uncles and cousins watch football,  and take seasonal pictures with family; that would make this year a good Christmas. To make the holiday even better I would hope I get a brand new car.¨

Kaniyah Moore, junior, said, ¨Christmas to me means the day virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus. So one way I am going to celebrate my Christmas year is going to Atlanta to be with my family. One gift I hope to receive is $10,000 for Christmas; that would be exciting. But, not as exciting as the year I went to Disney World for Christmas. ¨

Devin Stewart, freshman, said,¨Christmas is the best time to communicate with your family. So this year I am going to sit at home and eat at the table and enjoy the stories my family tells about their past. This year I hope to get a four wheeler; that would be crazy. But, not as crazy as the year of 2012 I got bitten by a squirrel.¨