Cheap Dates!!

Cheap dates are the perfect date if you want to save money and have a good time.

Some cheap or free date ideas are to take a walk, go for a hike, go dancing, have a picnic in the park, play a game together, have a fun photo shoot, go to a museum, and go to the zoo.

Some cheap local date ideas are stargazing, organizing a game night, movie marathon, getting in tough with your creative side, grab coffee, tea, or dessert, and staying home to cook a meal together.

Dating is an important part of a relationship. Going out together provides the opportunity for a couple to focus exclusively on each other instead of being distracted by worries, bills, and work.

As couples spend alone time together,  they communicate better and get to connect.

Michael Brown, Spanish and French teacher, said, “Cheap dates are important so your date doesn’t order enough for two meals by ordering the most expensive thing on the Red Lobster’s menu.” Some of his cheap date ideas are somewhere that involve coupons. Mr. Brown said, “A cheap holiday date is anywhere that is doing a sale for buy one get one free such as Starbucks. You can even make it sound romantic by saying we are getting two for one because we are one person.”

Destanee Estes, senior, said, “Cheap dates are important because every date doesn’t have to be expensive to get someone to like you. My cheap date idea is to make a picnic and go somewhere quiet and just talk. A cheap holiday date during the winter would be to go ice skating.”

Danville has a synthetic ice skating rink set up in the downtown area. The cost is $2 for twenty minutes. The rink opens Dec. 2, at the Danville Community Market. The rink will be open from 6 PM to 9 PM weeknights and from 12 PM to 9 PM on the weekends.

Jordan Dallas, teacher, said, “Cheap dates are important because not everyone makes a lot of money. You shouldn’t want to date someone just because of their money. Quality time is more important than money spent. My cheap date ideas are going fishing, driving up to the mountains, strolling through the park, and a movie at home with a pizza. Some cheap holiday dates are going to Nana’s house to eat cookies, hot chocolate on the porch, sledding if it snows, and going to see Christmas lights.”

Lexie Blair, freshman, said, “Cheap dates are important because you get to save money. My idea of cheap dates are a dinner at home, high school football games, and watching movies at home. Good holiday dates are decorating the Christmas tree, putting up lights, and decorating the yard.”