To Fail is Not to Lose, but to Fail is to Give Up

Losing is unavoidable. It happens to everyone. That said, there is a huge difference between losing and failing.

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Losing is common whether it be a checkers game or a sports event. Quitting is worse than losing because once you give up the first time, you will quit things a lot more than to begin with.

“I would much rather be called a loser than a failure,” Kayla Reamey, junior at CHS, stated. “It sounds a lot nicer than failure because failure sounds as if someone would be ashamed of me. Being a failure seems more of a term for someone who completely gave up on something and didn’t put in any effort at all.”

Image result for playing sportsA person can either stay stuck in the past and live a life regretting everything they have done, or keep pushing harder and harder each day until the goal of desire is achieved.

There will be days that you will fall, and you will bruise and you will bleed, but that does not make that you weak, in fact, it only makes you look stronger when you stand back up and keep pushing forward. One of the most admirable things people can do is to never stop pushing forward.

The beginning is always the hardest. Never give up and keep going until the very end.

“When I went to go get my master’s degree, people would tell me that I could never do it because I had two jobs at the time, three kids, and I was coaching softball,” Mrs. Christy Lipscomb, teacher from the CTE department, said. “I ended up doing it in one year. The main reason for me going to get my master’s was because someone told me that I couldn’t do it.”

Someone will always say that they cannot do something because they are weak, but weakness is only a choice.

“I gave up on playing softball, but I quit because I felt like I wasn’t good. I wish I never gave up on playing,” Reamey said.

Mrs. Lipscomb said, “Yes, I had gone through nursing school, and I gave up on it because I decided not to do it anymore. My reason was for falling in love, and I don’t regret that, but I regret not finishing nursing school.”

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It’s not okay to say you tried when you haven’t.  If you have a hard time being motivated, talk to someone to help push you forward.