Need somebody to lean on?

“If you have at least one friend in your life you are truly blessed” – Unknown

Friendship is important to CHS students and staff.

“Friendship is very important to me. My friendship with Sierra Burnett helps me through stuff I did not think I could do everyday,” said Taylor Yeatts, junior.

“I definitely think friendship is important. The definition of a true friend, in my opinion, is someone who will talk about you behind your back the same way they would to your face. My best friend is Charlene Pope,” said Lisa Powell, special ed teacher.

“My best friend is my cousin, Jennifer, who continues to make me happy each day,” said Kim Gomez, junior.

“Friendship is the key to highschool. Jordan Jerread, Breana Karr, and I have been friends since ninth grade. We have an amazing bond that we hope to carry out throughout our lives, ” said Kellie Hylton, senior.

“Friendship is important to me and La’Quandra Robertson because we have been very close friends since I was in sixth grade,” said Asia Pierce, freshmen.

“I believe friendship is important because you have someone to talk to when you have problems,” said Joanna Barbour, senior.

“It is very important to have friends for moral support, to keep you from doing stupid things, and to be there when no one else is,” said Elizabeth Durham and Shelayne Riddle, juniors.

“To have a friend helps you to be more well-rounded as an individual. I married my best friend in life.” said Sandra Whitehead, guidance official.

All of AP Lit Class said, “You always have someone to depend on when you have a true friend.”

“A true friend is someone who is always there through the ups and downs and they remain completely loyal,” said Tommari Lee, senior.

“Comedic relief, a problem solver, and a shoulder to cry on,” said Torenzo Wood, senior.