A WONDERful Review

Wonder is an amazing film that is full of  life lessons that benefit both children and adults.

The movie is about a ten-year-old boy named August “Auggie” Pullman who was born with a severe face deformity; however, this doesn’t stop Auggie from trying his hardest to live an ordinary life as a fifth grader. Auggie’s mother, Isabel Pullman, has home-schooled him all the way up to fourth grade because she was afraid of how the other kids would react to what he looked like. After discussing with her husband, the two decide to enroll Auggie into a private middle school academy called Beecher Prep.

“Wonder is a really powerful film,” Angie McDaniel, mother of CHS Sophomore Alyssa McDaniel, “It really portrays how getting over your fears can be difficult, but possible at the same time.”
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At first, August goes through several trials and tribulations. Auggie learns how to make friends, he learns what it is like to feel betrayed, he learns how to move on, and he learns how to forgive. His supportive family is always there for him and pushes him further everyday. Although the kids at the school bullied him to a severe extent, he learned how to forgive and forget and still befriended them even when they were cruel to him.

Wonder made me realize how important forgiveness is, even if you do not think the other person deserves it,” Emily Towler, CHS senior stated.

The movie also talks about Auggie’s older sister, Via, who feels jealous of Auggie because he gets more attention than she does. She struggles with her high school life, and with how her closest friend leaves her for a different crowd. Via overcomes the jealousy she feels towards Auggie and also befriends her friend once again and forgives her even though her close friend had betrayed her as well. Related image

“Not only does the film talk about the importance of forgiveness, but also the importance of acceptance and friendship. It also goes over what it is like to lose a loved one and how to cope with that loss and I think that is really important,” Tina Spears, mother of Natalie Spears, said.

Wonder is overall a great film with valuable life lessons. I definitely would recommend going to go see it.