What’s New for You in the New Year?

Chatham High School students and faculty gave us some insight on what they want to change in 2018.

Mrs. Lipscomb, said, ” For my New Year’s resolution, I would like to spend more time with my family.”

Steven Taylor, sophomore, said, “I want to stop caring what people think and work on my self-confidence.”

John Jennings, senior, said, “I want to become a better person.”

Mallorie Burton, senior, said “I would like to get into a good college.”

Mackenzie Mitchell and Taylor Moss, junior, both said, “We want to eat healthier, and go to the gym.”

Lizzie Shumate, junior, said, “I want to get my life together.”

Taylor Yeatts, junior, said, “In 2018, I want to take better care of myself.”

Mrs. Jessica Dalton, assistant principal,  said, “I want to pass my sugar test for my baby and watch my weight.”

Mr. Neil Clarridge, guidance counselor, said, “I want to be tougher.”

Olivia Sims, freshman, said, “I want to be nicer to others in 2018.”

Hanna Sparks, sophomore, said, “I want to lose weight.”

Lauren King, junior, said, “In 2018, I want to earn a car.”

Ky Withrow, senior, said, “I want to be nicer to people in the upcoming year.”

Mrs. Janet Bishop, teacher, said, “I would like create a better work-life balance.”