Freshmen Take On The School

Freshmen at Chatham High School have lots of opinions about their experiences after completing one semester.

Out of 22 freshmen interviewed, only six admitted to not having a good year.

Many of the disgruntled students cited stricter teachers, harder classes, and more work. “I don’t really like how the grades are more serious,” Brianne Conner admitted. “You have to try harder in general when it comes to high school.”

“I don’t like the way we can’t use cell phones,” said Michael Peckinpaugh and Sarah Hailey. Of course, cell phone use is also prohibited at Chatham Middle School. Peckinpaugh said, “I like the snacks and drinks.”

Andrew Coles said, “It’s big, and it takes a while to get used to.”

Most claim that they transitioned smoothly, however, they still faced a few obstacles.

Ben Woodward, said, “Getting from class to class was the biggest adjustment.  Others admitted that the larger amounts of homework was hard to get used to. I do like how much bigger this school is and the fact that there is more freedom.”

A majority of the students said their favorite part of Chatham High School is the freedom. They seem to like how it’s less restriction when it comes to accessibility of the halls. They also enjoy the size of the school. They claim they love being spread out more because it feels less cramped.

Some students admired the differences between high school versus middle school.”I like how we’re able to meet new people,” said Amber Duncan.

“The mixed classes, and multiple grade levels at lunch were pretty cool and awesome,” said Charity Wilson. “The dress is strict and tardies add up quick, and classes are way too long for me. I like playing basketball, all her teachers, and her classes.”

“I like how there are more teamwork skills and more teamwork used, and the soccer team is awesome to me,” said Jose Perez.

Elijah Estes, “I like JROTC.”

Dylan Seay said, “I like the library because I can do extra work on the computers and finish assignments, and I love to read.”

All in all, the freshmen seem to be enjoying their year thus far. The class of 2021 are more than ready to take on the next three years of high school.