Possible Improvements to Chatham High

Kailey Neal & Destiny Sandridge

Tymerius Barksdale loves hanging out on the new benches.

Chatham High School is the best in our county, but students and faculty are always looking for ways to make it even better.

“Dress codes should be aimed at all instead of only the girls here. Guys should not walk around with holes in their jeans not getting in trouble, while girls do,” said Amber, a junior. “I think lunch should include vegetarian options,  and I think there should be more supervised field trips.” There is a dress code for males, but enforcement should be just as important.

“We need food that doesn’t tire us out as much,” Katie, sophomore, commented. “The food is heavy.”

“Options need to be available for people who are lactose intolerant that doesn’t cost more; milk is part of the lunch fee, but if a person can’t have milk, they must pay for another drink,” said Sydney McAdams, senior.

“We only have diet sodas; we’d like more variety of sodas with less diet,” Shaniah, freshman,  and Xander, freshman, said.

“It would be nice if we could go outside to eat and buy juices in the drink machines. Also, the drink machines should run all day,” said Katie Powell, junior.

In addition to food suggestions, others sought academic changes.

Mr. Michael Brown said, “There should be more dual enrollment in school to help students gain college credit.”

“Trig, chemistry, and pre-cal should be recommended before governor’s school,” said students Kay Lightfoot, Rionna Luck, Hannah Wright, and Landon Oakes, all  juniors.” The pre-cal class we take in governor’s school is a step above what is offered at CHS which makes it difficult for us.”

“Organic and inorganic chemistry should be offered instead of only chemistry. We need newer books too,” said Shaliyah Hodnett, junior.

“We need more time between each class,” said Sallie, junior.

“More hands on learning,” commented Joey, freshman.

“The parking lot should be extended into the grassy area next to the baseball field,” said Chase Trent, junior.

“We do need more parking,” said Caroline Hughes, senior.

Tymarius, junior, likes the new benches built by students in shop class, and said, “I think we need even more benches.”