Female Doritos? Sexist Or Not?

“Female Doritos” are designed to be softer to make women appear more ladylike in public without crunching. Is it not ladylike to crunch a chip?

“I have heard of them; I think it could be considered sexist. I do not truly care how someone crunches on chips. I think a lady should be able to if they want,” said Mrs. Jo Davis, librarian.

“Yes, I have heard of them. I do not care, I do not think anyone really cares. I think it is not very ladylike to crunch a chip. I do not care about the name, a chip is a chip,” said Mr. Neil Clarridge, wrestling coach.

“No, I have never heard of these. It sounds stupid to me. It does not matter; just eat the chip however you want. Yes, they should have made them much better instead of labeling them “female” Doritos,” said Brandon Snead, freshman.

“Yes, I have heard of them. To be honest, it is just a chip so the name does not matter to me. Yes, they should make the name a lot better, ” said Mason Leftwich, freshman.

“Yes, I heard a little about them. I believe it is very sexist. Never in my life have I thought that way; eat as you please. I do not think they should change the name,” said Amyah Gilliam, sophomore.

“No, I have never heard of them. Yes, I am very offended by this and believe it is highly sexist. I think it is very lady-like to crunch chips while eating them,” said Blaine Adkerson, freshman.

“No, this is the first time I have heard anything of them. I am quite offended by this. Crunching chips does not bother me. Yes, I think they should have changed the name to something better,” said Mrs. Jessica Dalton, assistant principal.

“Yes, I have heard of it. I think it is sexist. Being ladylike is only a stereotype, so it does not matter to me. No, I do not think the name should be changed,” said Kellie Hylton, senior.

“No, I have not heard anything about them. Yes, I think it is very sexist. The way ladies eat, is fine by me, so, no, I do not think it is not ladylike. The name is cute, so I do not think they should change it,” said Mrs. Stone, special ed teacher.

“No, I have never heard of them. I definitely think it is sexist. I think the word “ladylike” in general should not be used. Yes, I think they should call them “Soft Doritos,” said Ms. Correa, Spanish teacher.

There was so much backlash about the suggestion of female, ladylike Doritos, that PepsiCo may no longer pursue this treat.