Valentines Day at CHS

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is here.

CHS students have as many opinions as there are personalities.

Few students are genuinely excited about this traditional day of celebrating love.  There were many ‘tongue in cheek’ responses.

Harper Jones, senior, said,”I really don’t like the idea of Valentine’s Day, especially considering I’m single and heartbroken. How I will spend my Valentine’s Day now, is by crying myself to sleep, wishing I had a girl to spoil since I was left heartbroken right before Valentine’s Day.”

Taylor Bowen, sophomore, said, “Valentine’s Day is cliche. I will be sitting at home crying because I need someone to love.”

Lauren King, junior, said, “I hate the concept of Valentines Day and I especially think it’s sad when your parents give you flowers even when you don’t ask for them it feels like pity.”

Macy Calhoun, freshman, said, “We’re too young to be in love. I’m in a relationship with Jesus, and I would want a blanket and fuzzy socks. My ex-boyfriend just kinda burned me out of his life.”

Mason Leftwich, freshman, said, “Valentine’s Day is just a sad day because the couples that celebrate breakup a couple days after; it’s just a waste of money.”

Mrs. Dooley said, “It’s a commercialized holiday, and flowers die. I am taking the day off to go to a Valentine’s party with my daughter.”

There are students who love the holiday.

Naomi Moore, freshman, and Sam Hyler, junior, have been dating for a couple months and said,”We like Valentine’s Day, and we plan to go out to eat and spend the rest of the evening together. For gifts we want food, more food, and some kind of dessert.”

Daniel Hendricks, freshman, said, “I like it because it brings romance; that’s a big word. I’m going out to buy candy for a girl and a Teddy bear.”

Lukas Saunders, junior, said, “It is a wonderful day because it’s the day of love. I will hug everyone I see to make their day better.”

Tayven Smith, freshman, said, “Valentine’s Day is about giving your loved ones attention. I will be taking myself to see Black Panther alone at the movies.”

Richard Seth Hunt, senior, joked, “I’m going to go home and light some candles, draw a luke-warm bath, and relax.”

The top three gifts that people said they would give or would like to receive are  a giant teddy bear, flowers, and a Chick-fil-A gift card.



LaKyah Walton, senior, said, “Valentines Day…my opinion is Valentines Day is for the loving couples out there and for me, i’m single, but I like food though so my Valentines Day is gonna be pretty lit.”

Brittany Thomas, senior, said, “Valentines Day is a day for you to show your loved ones how much you actually love them.”