Chatham Blue Grass Band

Chatham High School has its own musical culture that most people don’t even know about.

Bluegrass music is a form of American roots music, and is defined by its unique homage to America and its various cultural influences that truly define America.

The Chatham Blue Grass Band is led by Mr. Henry Walker, history teacher.

John Scott, freshman, and Dylan Burgess, sophomore, are the students in the band this year. John plays the fiddle and violin, and Dylan plays the guitar, banjo, and other bass instruments.

The blue grass band was started in 2016 by Mr. Walker and Dylan. John came along two years later when he came to the high school.

John says, ” They started the band to give  kids with musical talents and interests the chance to perform.”

The band performs mainly in Mr. Walker’s class room. They have performed also at the Bright Leaf Brew Fest. They hope to perform at different events in the future.

“We are open to new members with musical interests inside of the school  and would love more kids to sign up,” said Mr. Walker.

John said, “Mr. Walker, being a teacher, understands that it would hard being in the band and doing school work at the same time.”

Dylan says, ” It’s hard being in the band because it interferes with after school work such as homework and studying.”

Mr. Walker said, “It’s hard to balance with other adult responsibilities and getting the students rides to performing areas.”

The students both have family influences of Blue Grass music.

John said, “My uncle first introduced me to Blue Grass, and as I got older I got more into it.”

Dylan said, ” My grandfather inspired me towards Blue Grass music .” Dylan also plans to pursue a career in Blue Grass music after high school.

Apparently the efforts of the Chatham Blue Grass band has inspired Mr. Earl Brooks, new CHS band director, to start a jazz band.