Are You Ready for Graduation?

Chatham High graduates of 2018 are ready for their upcoming graduation in May.

Mallorie Burton, senior, said “I am very excited. I’m hopefully going to be taking a trip to Florida.”

Allison Elliot, senior, said “It’s exciting to graduate. I am going to the beach as my senior trip. My plan after graduating is going to college, and my advice I give to underclassmen is ‘Study and work hard’.”

Jordan Bennett, senior, said “It’s pretty cool, and I am very excited, but nervous. I am going to the beach, and I plan on going to college and my advice I would give is “Don’t wait to the last minute to get good grades, do it now.”

Quintin Witherspoon, senior, said “It’s pretty exciting. I plan going to college after graduating, and my advice is to ‘Stay in school’.”

Jennifer Hernandez, senior, said “It’s pretty exciting, but kinda scary.”

Hunter Dawson, senior, said “It feels great to be graduating.”

Jashawn Davis, senior, said “It feels pretty good; I don’t want to be here [high school] anymore.”

Preston Turner, senior, said “It feels good and time flies. I am going to miss the friends I made and the teachers.”

Anthony White, senior, said “It feels real good. I am going to the beach for a senior trip and after graduating I plan on working.”

Harper Jones, senior, said, “It is a bittersweet moment. I am excited to graduate, and I am going to a lot of places for my senior trips starting with spring break; my plan after gradating is to go to Danville Community College or going to James Madison University. My advice to the underclassmen is to say ‘Enjoy your moments; they are the best moments in your life.”

Eddie Collins, senior, said “I am not excited to graduate. I probably wont be going to any senior trips.”