Cook up a Club?

An CHS English teacher is considering starting a cooking club to teach interested students how to cook nutritiously.

Some students at Chatham High School do not how to cook the simplest of foods such as eggs, bacon, and vegetables. Some students were very interested in a after school cooking class; others not so much.

Harper Jones, senior, said, “Heck, yea, ’cause everyone loves food and needs to learn how to cook.” He said, ” They should cook simple dishes for people going into college like ramen noodles. We should meet once a week to keep skills nice and fresh. Cooking is for all people and it unites us as a whole.”

Jeremy Sloan, senior, said, ” That would be good I would support it. I’m all for bringing people together like any other club. I would cook anything; it’s just based off of other’s opinions. We could cook something for the faculty and staff one day. We should meet once a week.”

Steven Taylor, freshman, said, ” I feel like it would be a good idea for people to express their cooking abilities. They should cook food of different cultures so that people could show off their cultural sides. We should meet twice a week.”

Morgan Gay, freshman, said, “No, I don’t think anyone would sign up.”

Thomas Rogers and Grayson Reed, juniors, said, ” No there should not be a cooking club. They should meet zero times a month.”

Ethan Reynolds, sophomore, said, ” If there is free food involved good/bad. I want to learn to make different desserts. We should meet every Monday.”

Tyler Barley, senior, said, ” It’s something to look forward to after school. It is good for people who want to have a career in the culinary arts. We should cook spaghetti, chicken parmigiana, cakes. A variety of different things. We should meet two or three times a month.

Mrs. Smotherman said, ” Yes! How fun would that be?! That would be so fun! Sign me up! We should cook everything, chocolate anything. I want to bake bread and desserts, but anything between would be fine.”

Mrs. Durham said, ” Of course everybody needs to learn how to cook it’s an art. We should cook everything made from scratch: flour, eggs, and milk the real deal. We should meet once a week. ”

Mrs. Lisa said, ” Oh, I think that would be awesome. I think they should learn to cook before they get out of high school. They should cook the basics. I think they should meet once a week.”

Mrs. Liscomb said, ” Sign me up. I think we should start it up. The club itself would tap into different interests. We should cook food of different cultures. I think everybody should cook something of their culture; everybody is so different.”