Big Talk

Big Talk is a movement to improve significant human interactions.

The Big Talk movement was created by Kalina Silverman.

Ms. Silverman is a Fulbright scholar living in Singapore. She researches “Bridging East-West communications through Big Talk.”  She said, “I wanted to be able to go out, meet new people, and instead of just make small talk, actually have deeper, more meaningful conversations with them.”

Silverman created Big Talk one summer as a personal research and video project. It is about getting to know people who are complete strangers through profound questions.

She developed a series of questions designed to help people get to know each other better. Some of these questions are “What is one thing that you’d like to do before you die; What would you do if you’d die in a week?”

We put her questions to test to see if we could get to know people that we “know” in a deeper, more meaningful, way.

Mr. Jason Ince, ag teacher, said, “Before I die, I want to hike most of the Appalachian mountains by the time I’m 45. I would like to do it because my wife would like to, and I think it’d be fun. In the week before I died, I would want to help as many people as I could. It’s what you leave behind that matters.”

Ms. Lisa Powell, SPED assistant, said, “I would make a video to my son telling him how much I love him by [age] 50, so he will have something to look back on. I would want to do it in the privacy of my home,” Ms. Powell said. “If I had one week to live, I would quit my job; I love it though,” she said.

“I want to visit Adelaide, Australia, with my best friend, before I die, because the clear water and the white sand beaches.  Twenty-five is the age I would like do this by,” freshmen Alex Gaulidn, “If I were to die in a week, I would spend that time with my family.” She continued, “I would want to know how I died instead of the exact time.”

“I want to open up a dog shelter before I die because I love dogs. I’d do this with someone else who enjoys dogs as much as I do,” Jorge Estrada, junior said, “I would open the dog shelter probably during retirement, and I would do this probably in Washington, DC.” He said, “If I died in a week, I would go to meet Glass Animals and spend time with my family.”

Daniel Barbour, freshman, said, “I want to get rich before I die with my [future] son by age 50 because money is good. I would get rich by my job, I don’t know what I want to do though.”

“I would like to travel the world to places like Greece, Egypt, and Tokyo with my boyfriend Taveis before I die. I would like to do this by the time I’m 30. I think it would be fun to do,” junior Gabby Wyatt said, “If I were to die in a week I would eat all the food I wanted to. I would want to know when I die exactly.”

“Before I die I would like to go skydiving with my mom to see her face. I would want to go because I’m a thrill seeker. Anytime before I’m 85 would be good,” said Sarah Snead. “If I only had a week to live, I would travel to the city with the most food and stuff my face. I would rather know the exact time I died, so I could do everything I want before I die.”

“I would love to go to California with my family by the time I’m 21 years old. When I go, I want to see the Hollywood sign and hopefully meet celebrities,” said Sade Morrison, “I would want to spend time with my family and friends. I would want to know the exact time of my death instead of how.”

Through these questions one common thing came about: people wanted to spend their last week with their families. The Big Talk questions did help people to open up to virtual strangers about their hopes. Seems that everyone has a bucket list before they kick the bucket. is the Big Talk website.