Girls Basketball Champs Celebration Parade!

Chatham High School will hold an inside parade Fri., March 2, at 2:45 PM in honor of the girls varsity basketball team.

The team brought home the Region 2-C Championship on Saturday. This is the first Regional Championship for the girls in the history of CHS.

A parade throughout the school will celebrate their exciting victory and will encourage them before the state tournament.

Mr. Randy Foster, principal, said, “In order to support the girls as they begin state tournament play on Friday, we are going to have a parade through the school hallways. Students and staff should come out of their classes and line the hallways for the players and coaches to walk through.”

Mr. Jason Reese, vice principal, said, “Feel free to make classroom posters to show enthusiasm, and encourage students to clap and cheer! GO CAVS!”

Let’s show up BIG for the Lady Cavs Friday afternoon!