Teacher Tell All: Mrs. Rebecca Parsons

One of Chatham High School’s veteran teachers opened up during a recent interview.

Mrs. Rebecca Parsons has always taught in the field of science. “This is my eleventh year of teaching.” Her dream job was to be in the field of teaching.

She was a Hokie in her college days. “I went to Virginia Tech and graduated in 2005.” Her major was biology. She feels as if Virginia Tech prepared her for her job now.

“I really enjoyed being at Virginia Tech, my favorite part was everything; I liked the people, the campus, the food, and the overall atmosphere there.”

Mrs. Parsons enjoys working at Chatham High School.

“Having holiday breaks and weekends off with my kids is the best thing about teaching,” she said. Mrs. Parsons has two daughters and has been married for 10 years this year. “Having classes that are more stressful than others is the worst thing about being a teacher,” she said.

“I would say that students would be surprised to know that I have interesting tastes in my music choices. I like a little bit of everything.”

Mrs. Rebecca Parsons would like to tell students to, “Enjoy being a student and staying young!”