Spring Break Plans!

Spring break is the first week in April.

“I’m just going to stay home [over spring break]. My family is coming to visit. I’m going to mow the grass too,” said Mrs. Kimberly Bolling, family and consumer science teacher.

“I’m lying on my couch and maybe going to the beach. I’m keeping it simple,” said Miss Morgan Tyree, college adviser.

“I’m [going to be] moving to Richmond. I’m not coming back after spring break,” stated Miss Darshe Trent, N.C.G. Counselor.

“I’m babysitting my cousins, and I plan to go on a road trip to North Carolina,” said Mrs. Veronica Correa, Spanish teacher.

“I’m just going to grade papers, sleep, and work in the garden,” said Mr. Brian Harrold, statistics teacher.

“[I’m going to be] coaching track practice at Chatham,” said Mr. Neil Clarridge, counselor.

“I’m going to visit my medical staff [over spring break],” said Miss Jo Davis, librarian.

“I’m going to work around the house, work around the yard, and get lots of good rest, said Ms. Billie Nuckles.

“Taking the WHAM Club to Washington D.C. to visit Howard University, to see the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, and touring around the area, said Dr. Willie Sherman, business teacher.

“I’m just [going to be] hanging out with my friends,” says Joanna Barbour, senior.

“I’m just going to work and go shopping,” said Tyreese Younger, senior.

“I’m going to sit at home and play video games,” said Sierra Knicks, freshman.

“I’m probably  going to be grounded, but we’re supposed to go to the beach,” said Emily Jones, freshman.