The students at Chatham High School gave insight as to what the phrases in the acronym C.A.V.S. means to them.

“The purpose of C.A.V.S. is to promote and reward positive behaviors,” said Randy Foster, principal.

The “C” stands for “Commend consideration.”

Commend consideration means to be nice to people and think about how you would want to be treated if you were in their shoes,” said Makayla Barbour, freshman.

“It means that you’re not rude to people,” stated Destiny Sandridge, senior.

“To me it means to think of others,” said Katie Callands, freshman.

“I think it means to be selfless and more open,” stated Ethan Farthing, freshman.

The “A” means “Are responsible.”

Are responsible means to do your homework and have all of your [necessary] school supplies,” stated Katie Callands.

“It means that you are keeping those grades up,” said Sarah Hailey, freshman.

“It means to be responsible for yourself and for everyone else,” said Elizabeth Burns, junior.

“Being responsible is like being organized,” stated Jennie Furr, freshman.

“Feeding my cat is being responsible,” said Sierra Knick, freshman.

“I think it’s the most clear cut. It just means that you are responsible and dependable,” said Kailey Neal, junior.

Being responsible is handling things well,” stated Lacey Newton, freshman.

The “V” means “Value honesty.”

Value honesty means to always cherish someone’s feelings and think about how [lying] could make them feel,” stated Jennie Furr, freshman.

“It mean to never lie,” said Ethan Farthing.

“If someone is not honest, no one is going to trust them and eventually they become the lies they tell,” said Destiny Sandridge.

“[To value honesty] means that you respect people’s honesty,” said Sierra Knick.

“It means to trust people more,” said Lacey Newton.

 The “S” stands for “Strive to be productive.”

“Strive to be productive means to get the best grades you can, and ask teachers if you have trouble. It also means to come to school on time,” said Makayla Barbour.

“It means that you’re not lazy. I think you should do as much as you can in these four years. You should use as many resources as you can,” said Kailey Neal.

“[It means] to always finish work and accomplish tasks,” Jennie Furr said.

“Strive to be productive is like efficiency,” stated Ethan Farthing.

“It means that you pay attention and stay out of trouble,” Elizabeth Burns said.

“Do something with your life, and be the best you can at what you’re good at,” said Destiny Sandridge.

“It means to get at least C on a test,” said Sierra Knick.

“It means that you set high goals for yourself,” said Lacey Newton.