Who would be your teacher?

Ever wish you could hire your own teacher? Some CHS students weighed in on whom they would hire if they had the choice.

Harper Jones, senior, said, “I picked Jennifer Lawrence because she has a wonderful personality.”

LaKyah Walton, senior, said, “Lauren London would be a fantastic teacher because she would teach me about inner beauty.”

Taylor Patteson, junior, said, “George Washington because he was the first president.”

Isiah Harris, freshman, said, “Jennifer Lopez because she has lots of wisdom.”

Sandra Whitehead, faculty member, said, “My mother because there are still things I want to learn from her.”

Amber Mitchell, junior, said, “Dylan O’ Brien because he could teach me acting skills.”

Shannon Fuller, sophomore, said, “My friend Malia Hodnett’s character shows she would be a wonderful teacher,”

Sarah Snead, junior, said, ” I pick Elmo because he will only teach me preschool things,”

Sherry-Mae McAliister, freshman, said, “My papa because he would show me how to be something in life  and teach me life lessons.”