Soccer Spirit!

Chatham High School’s boy’s soccer team defeated Altavista Colonels on March 19 and the girls’ team tied.

The Cavaliers won 3-2. Lucas Saunders, Carlos Mendoza, and Luis Solis all scored individual goals.  The boys played an all around phenomenal game. Everyone hustled and gave it their all.

The Lady Cavaliers tied 1-1. The game went into overtime, but no goals were scored which ended the game with a tie. Lexi Brown scored the only goal of the game. The game was a real nail-bitter.

On March 22 the Lady Cavaliers defeated the Trojans 1-0. Moniqual Coles scored the winning goal.

The Lady Cavaliers are undefeated and tied for first in states.

Come support your Cavaliers and Lady Cavaliers in their upcoming games! Go Cavs!