Is Dating a Thing of the Past?

The concept of dating among teens changes every year.

Students and teachers have different opinions on what a date should be like, how a guy should behave, and all of the other details of a perfect date.

Madison Houser, freshman, said, “On a date, you need to act yourself so your date knows your true personality. The guy doesn’t always need to pay either; in a good relationship, you take turns paying or even just pay for yourself. My perfect date would be going out for dinner, going back to his house, lying in a field on a warm summer night counting the stars. In my opinion, you should be talking to a guy for at least three weeks before going on a date. You need to make sure you really know the person you are about to spend a couple hours with.”

Lindsey Stafford, sophomore, said, “When you are on a date, you need to act mature, pay attention to the person you’re with and not who is on your phone. The guy should always pay to show he’s a gentleman. My perfect date is honestly just Netflix and chill. Don’t go on a date with someone until you actually know them.”

Daniel Rogers, gym teacher, said, “I would assume that dating is different now then it was when I was in high school. The guy should always be a gentleman on a date and pay for the dinner and also be respectful.”

Hailey Doss, sophomore, said, “My perfect date would be to put blankets in the bed of a truck and lie down and just talk. You should be talking to a guy for at least three months. The boy should be sweet, have manners, loving, and caring.”

Mallary Burton, senior, said, “On my first date I was stuffing my face, and my date thought it was very cute. I like dates in restaurants. Be yourself, and don’t try to act differently.”

Ethan Dunevant, senior, said, “Act chill on a date, but still be respectful.. Don’t feel weird to eat in front of your date. The guy should pay on the first date. My perfect date is going out to eat with friends and date, and then when you’re done eating, go off with your date and just go to one of your houses and just hang out. If  you don’t know their middle name you can’t date.”

Andrew Coles, freshman, said, “You don’t want to be completely comfortable with the other person if it’s the first date, but always be polite. The guy should definitely pay for the date, always. If you’re formal, then go out to a nice restaurant, but if you’re more relaxed going to a movie or just hanging out at home is fine.”