Students of CHS have strong opinions on the methods for breaking up with a significant other.

Harper Jones, senior said, “I would break up with someone by sitting down and having a serious talk, and then say, ‘Shortie, there are things we need to fix in this relationship.’  I would absolutely break up with someone if they lied, cheated, or even stole.”

Mrs. Lisa Powell, SPED aide, said, “I would break up with someone to their face, and definitely break up with them if they abused me.”

Mr. Jason Reece, vice principal, said,” Say it is not working for me, then I’d explain what I am really looking for. No breaking up over text, just have a good, level-headed conversation. I would end the relationship if it was not compatible with my lifestyle.”

“I would break up with them briefly, and in person. I would explain why, or if we weren’t on the same terms.” said Tymarius Barksdale, junior.

Mikel Carter, sophomore, said, “I would break up with them over text, and say I just don’t like them anymore.”

“I would break up with someone in person, if they cheated or if I lost the feeling in the relationship is why I would end it.” said Nathaniel Reynolds, sophomore.

Tony Whittle, senior, said, “I would tell them to meet me somewhere so I could explain why I would break up with them in person. I would break up with them if they aren’t loyal or if I lost the feelings in the relationship, I would appreciate someone breaking up with me with honesty.”

Shamond Barley, senior, said, “I would definitely break up with them for cheating.”

“I would just be like, this isn’t working for me, and just end it then and there.” said Kennedy Withrow, senior.

Haley Hammock, senior, said,”I would go talk to them and say, ‘I’m not feeling this, sorry.'” I would like for them to break up with me in person, like if they are thinking of leaving me, then I am probably thinking of leaving you, too.”

Sierra Burnett, junior, said,”I would speak to them in person and tell them what is wrong. I would break it off with them if there were communication issues, or if they cheated or even losing interest. I would not want them to break up with me, but if they did they shouldn’t do it over the phone.”

“For me it depends on how long I have been dating the person, but I would break up with them if they were rude or fake if he did not respect adults,” said Sarah Snead, junior.