Freshman Fears

Most freshmen were afraid at the beginning of this school year.

“I was afraid of bullying. I didn’t get bullied though. I made friends. [My advice would be] to get along with people,” said Judith Guillen.

“I thought I was going to fall up and down stairs because I’m clumsy, and there are too many people in the hallway. No, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I still fell, but no,” said Cadence Williams.

“I had no fears coming into high school. I just walked in, got my breakfast, and found my friend group. My advice for new, in-coming freshmen, is to text your upperclassmen friends, and tell them to meet you at the front door, ” stated Jonathan Myers.

“I was afraid that people ten times my size would run me over, but people are actually my height or just slightly taller,” said Aniya Owens.

“Not having people I know in my classes was my fear. That’s what happened to me in sixth grade. It wasn’t as bad because I know a lot of people in my classes,” said Hasmeet Kour.

“I was just afraid of other people in higher grades than me. I was scared they would pick on me, but I made friends with them,” stated Ahmad Walker.

“I didn’t really have any fears coming into high school. I just knew there were more people, but it didn’t scare me. It’s not as scary as people think it is. Don’t be scared of anyone and don’t take anything from anyone,” said Makayla Barbour.

“I was scared there would be too many people. There were actually twice as many people as I thought there would be, ” said Sarah Hailey.

“I was afraid of getting lost. I feel like it’s so much bigger than the middle school. It’s not as bad as I thought; it was way easier when I learned my way around. My advice would be to go to open house because that’ll help you a lot, and don’t be nervous going into it because the more nervous you are the more likely you are to not be able to find things,” stated Tiffany Kistler.