CHS Response to Alleged Threat

An alleged threat on social media that was widely circulated among Chatham High School students Sunday evening was determined to be a hoax.

Mr. Randy Foster, CHS principal, alerted CHS families that the alleged threat was fake according to the Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Department.

Foster issued an all-call to all families signed up through the school system. He stated that the students and school were in no danger because the post had originated in Clovis, New Mexico, and was never referring to Chatham High School.

He thanked parents for alerting him and other officials to the situation.

Students and their parents were on edge after viewing a Snapchat picture of a man holding an AR-15 labeled with an obscenity and a threat that said, “Bleep CHS I’m going out with a bang don’t go to school tmrw.”

Students immediately texted friends and parents and began circulating the picture on Facebook and Snapchat.

Multiple phone calls reporting the alleged threat were made to the dispatcher at the Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s office, and the school board.

Parents and students waited for several hours to see what authorities would say about the situation.

In spite of Foster’s assurances that the alleged threat was fake, on Mon., April 9, there were 125 students absent; that is over three times the average.

Students were concerned about the incident.

Hailey Doss, sophomore, was surprised when she first found out about the incident. “I found out about it on Snapchat. She said, “I believed it at some point, but I kind of didn’t believe it at the same time.”

Mallorie Burton, senior, did not come to school even after Mr. Foster confirmed it was a false alarm. “My mom wouldn’t let me come either way.”

Caroline Broomell, junior, said, “I found out about the picture over text messaging, and I did believe it; but didn’t think too much of it, so, yes, I did come to school.”

Caraline Lawrence, freshman, said “My dad is a cop so he discussed the problem with me and told me what all was happening at the moment.”

Davice Jones, junior, said “It was all over social media that’s how I found out about the picture of the kid with the gun, but I still came to school  the next day.”

Most students were informed about the alleged threat by social media.