Car Crashes and Tickets

High school and car accidents often go hand in hand.

Deputy Tim West, CHS school resource officer, said, “I have been in a bunch of car accidents. My advice is when a person is ever in an accident, for everyone’s safety, always pull over in a safe area if possible. I only remember being the passenger every time I was in an accident; I held on very tightly. I have never received a ticket, but I believe the way you should act is respectfully. Your right as a citizen is to allow permission to the officer to search your car and question you; you can deny his/her request if you wish to,” said Deputy West.

Several students, faculty, and staff have been in car accidents.

“I have been in only one car accident. The way it happened was I got run off the road by some other driver. I remember shaking and having an anxiety attack. No one received a ticket for the wreck,” said Sierra Burnett, junior.

“Yes, I have been in a car accident. A woman pulled out in front of me on the road. All I remember is it was really wild to be involved in. The woman received the ticket since she did not yield when she was supposed to. The way I think you should respond to being pulled over is do not stop till you hit the border,” Taevis Flanigan, junior, said, joking. “I know most of my rights, but not all of them,” he continued.

“I have been in a car accident. I was hit head-on. I remember the adrenaline came, then I crashed, and I felt all the pain of the impact,” said Coach Neil Clarridge, guidance counselor.

“I have been in a car accident, but it was not that bad. I was hit from the back and surprisingly felt okay after,” said Mrs. Kimberly Bolling, independent living teacher.

“I have not been in a car accident, but I have received a ticket. I was speeding,” said Mrs. Sandra Whitehead, guidance registrar.

“I have been in a minor car accident. The way I remember, I was on the church bus, and the person was not paying attention when the light turned red so they hit the back of the bus. I did not really feel anything since it was not a major hit. As far as my rights, I know to pull over and listen to what the officer says,” said Amber Mitchell, junior.

“I have been in a bad car accident. I was working at the Ground Round. At closing a guy was drunk and getting ready to drive. I suggested to take him home. While driving him home, he came over onto the driver’s seat and tried to kiss me, which blocked my view. I hit a telephone pole at 45 mph. We both almost died. I remember feeling upset at first because my car was totaled. My adrenaline was pulsing. I did not realize till a couple of minutes how badly I was actually hurt. Unfortunately, I received the ticket. I could not remember what happened at that moment so the cop just decided to write it out to me; it was for failure to keep car under control,” said Mrs. Lisa Powell, special ed assistant.